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Guilds update #2: The Beta Approaches
As you're probably already aware, Ruqqus is currently in Open Alpha. That means the primary website ( is in a state we...
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Big ouch for Twitch
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mmm grayons!
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Windows 10 Has a Security Flaw So Severe the NSA Disclosed It
get patched up windows boyz
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Mentioned at Slashdot
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WayBack Machine ( is no longer archiving Twitter URLs it seems
WayBack Machine is no longer archiving Twitter URLs it seems I tried 50+ attempts in the last 48 hours of a few URLs from Twitter...
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WINNING - Stock market news live: Stocks hit record highs as Trump signs China deal
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Cloudflare offers free anti-DDOS to political campaigns, more freebies for politicians
I'm sure Clownflare has no bias and would give just as many republicans their free service as they would with dems.
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What kind of Reddit BS is this?
big if true but holyyy shittt that's super gay
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Keep your weapons at home: Virginia governor plans to ban guns from gun rights rally
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Sargon of Akkad discusses the British idea of equality
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Project Veritas : Bernie Organizer threatens violence and forced reeducation in gulags. [FULL VIDEO]
MSM is silent, all of bernie's State directors have locked their twitter accounts -...
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unlike reddit
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Telsa cars will soon talk to pedestrians
2020s will be the decade of SDCs without a doubt!
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Trump Supporters Are Less Confident In The Economy After The Iran Crisis
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"How the Health Insurance Industry (and I) Invented the ‘Choice’ Talking Point"
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Dems Worried If Impeachment Fails They'll Have To Nominate Electable Candidate
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Pre-beta feedback megathread
This is the big place for feedback on Ruqqus design and functionality. Last things to do prior to beta launch: * Edit/delete your...
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Clown News Network (aka CNN) asking silly questions during dem debates
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Boards design and nsfw update
Topic boards are the #1 requested feature (see the last few feedback threads) and we are hard at work building them. (If you're *really*...
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Tesla surges past $500 on back of analyst upgrade, China momentum
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