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Boards design and nsfw update
Topic boards are the #1 requested feature (see the last few feedback threads) and we are hard at work building them. (If you're *really*...
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Some questions for Ruqqus
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Pre-beta feedback megathread
This is the big place for feedback on Ruqqus design and functionality. Last things to do prior to beta launch: * Edit/delete your...
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'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme joins the mainstream as viral craze now infiltrates Congress
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Poking through code for the upcoming boards update - no subscriber count manipulation!
I took a peek through some of the code for the boards update after @captainmeta4 linked it in their post the other day...
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She protecc, she attacc, but most importantly, she make ISIS into snacc
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Feedback Megathread #2
Since the last feedback megathread, we've done the following: * Add edit and delete functionality to comments (still pending on...
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Are young people really this fucking stupid?
You already can't afford a house, but let's increase the pricing more with required solar panels r-right guys!
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Preview of some features coming with the boards update
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End Twitter, YouTube and any SMP that restricts 1A.
It has been an honour and a privilege to defend and protect this great nation of ours. It is with deep regret that it has come to a time...
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Daily break for something cool 12/14/19
Check out the featured species of the week the ornate eagle ray! Has anyone seen one of these in person?
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From ruqqus discord memes channel:
Greta is such an obnoxious person
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Impeachment a Democrat political tool
Impeachment is what Democrats do when they fail to win an election! It is a partisan and unserious act by Partisans and unserious people
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Real Classy, MTV
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Quote of the day for the Christmas season.
A source of trouble is that our minds are unruly. We need to effect an inner transformation, to understand that love and affection are a...
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T_D is under attack by admins applying special rules to it again. I don't think the ban is far away.
It might not be long until Ruqqus has to take over as the new T_D. Hopefully everyone will know to come here by then! Are we allowed...
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A new beginning, comrades...
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Hello, all!
It's honestly a shame this type of platform even had to be birthed out of a threat to our constitutional rights, but we are facing...
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Apple averts $150 bump in iPhone prices following Trump trade deal with China
Sounds like WINNING
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Live: Articles of Impeachment
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unlike reddit
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Daily break for something cool!
Check out this organization furthering human knowledge about Bats! We don't actually that much about these little cuties, but its...
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It Awakens!
Its Alive! .. and it Speaks: "Hello frens!"
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Daily Cool Stuff Break 12/13/19
Here's some cool information about coral farming for reef restoration. I've been lucky enough to do some volunteering with an...
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Quote of the day - 12 days till Christmas
"Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see." -'The Polar Express' What does...
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Do it for equality
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