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Boards design and nsfw update
Topic boards are the #1 requested feature (see the last few feedback threads) and we are hard at work building them. (If you're *really*...
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Trump Pays 2 Million Dollar Fine For Stealing From Charity
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California must be run by actual retards
Be homeless, get cheap cruise ship housing. Maybe if CA taxes weren't so goddamn high, people would actually be able to afford stuff...
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This youtuber is based as hell
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Egypt Censorship Reaches New Highs
Every day I see shit like this I feel really lucky to not live in those places.
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Some questions for Ruqqus
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Add me as a friend!
Add me as a friend!
8 7 6 The Case for Impeachment Is Overwhelming
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50-year Congressman
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DID YOU KNOW? The first "bottom" surgeries were done in Berlin, in the 1930s...
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MAGA Vs MIGA, Us vs Kikes, Who really comes first in the eyes of America's Government?
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Twitter faggots are really desperate today with their bs hashtags
Sore losers of the millennium go to (wait for it) the left.
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This is the type of behavior you get when kids are raised by single moms
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BTFO drumphtards, Impeachment is a go!
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T_D is under attack by admins applying special rules to it again. I don't think the ban is far away.
It might not be long until Ruqqus has to take over as the new T_D. Hopefully everyone will know to come here by then! Are we allowed...
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Baby Yoda Baby baby Yoda
Cutest little muddafuckah!
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Pre-beta feedback megathread
This is the big place for feedback on Ruqqus design and functionality. Last things to do prior to beta launch: * Edit/delete your...
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'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme joins the mainstream as viral craze now infiltrates Congress
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We need profile pics admins
>gets one life >makes ruqqus account >profile stuck with lime green >skittle_lookin_ass.jpg
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The truth about WW2 is emerging. Freedom Betrayed by Hoover blamed Roosevelt for the war.
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what do you think?
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This is my post
There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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Milton Martinez's "¡DEMOLICIÓN!" Part - ThrasherMagazine
Skater of the Year probably. Probably the gnarliest skate part I've ever seen.
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Godspeed Alejandro!
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Dayton Shooter Was The Lead Singer In Pornogrind Metal Band Menstrual Munchies
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