Bocking clocks

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Kaepernick: Soleimani was targeted because Orange Man is racist. It had nothing to do with Soleimani's terrorism.
The TDS is strong with this one. Also the boards beta is pretty sweet.
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Christianity Today falls to the Trump Curse
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Poking through code for the upcoming boards update - no subscriber count manipulation!
I took a peek through some of the code for the boards update after @captainmeta4 linked it in their post the other day...
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<-- The number of people who like this post, because I checked the code and Ruqqus doesn't fuck with score!
unlike reddit
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UK police to install narwhal tusk surrender bins
Babylon Bee with the bantz
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Dark mode mobile is sweet!
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Impeachment hearings in a nutshell
It's a pretty farcical farce.
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Prince Andrew forced to move office out of Buckingham Palace
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Chris Cuomo tries to shittalk Trump, accidentally undermines himself
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