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No bio...

You didn't have to tell us you were a cuck. We knew.

Tell me spez, what's it like being a cuckold?

Just lmao


This guy is based af tbh

Still a loon but yeah

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Is this an OC meme?


lol surprisingly it's still up

Yeah communities take time to grow but hopefully Ruqqus will take off!

I posted about Yang a few days ago and most comments were trashing him ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Und das Vaterland mit mutter Merkel

Jesus that photoshop...

I still cannot access it. Pedes on the dom reddit are saying the same thing


Sometimes they're beginning to buy the conspiracy theories

How dare people make up their own mind

I haven't dug too deep into the Yang sub but it doesn't seem that bad tbh. Sure better than the miserable shit hole that is /r/politics.

Literally bribing people with their own money ffs

This is as ridiculous as those "cool down" laws.



He's full of schiff

B-but CNN told me Trump is a selfish asshole??

TOP KEK! My fookin' sides after clicking the thumbnail. lmao we all know he didn't kill himself