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Official Ruqqus press releases are posted in +RuqqusPress.


The primary Ruqqus logo for use on light backgrounds is available here. It may be uniformly resized, but should not be redrawn, rotated, distorted, or otherwise altered.

Against a dark background, the alternate Ruqqus logo should be used. The "r" character is deliberately transparent, in order to make it match the surrounding background. As with the primary logo, it may be uniformly resized, but not redrawn, rotated, or distorted.

Both of these images are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License


When referring to the Ruqqus social media platform, use "Ruqqus" or "".

When referring to the business which owns and operates the Ruqqus platform, use "Ruqqus LLC".

When referring to the owners, staff, or other elements of Ruqqus LLC, use "Ruqqus staff", "Ruqqus owners", or similar phrasing.


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