Terms of Service

Scope and Definitions

These terms of service ("Terms") are between Ruqqus LLC ("Ruqqus") and You, regarding your use of the social platform ruqqus.com, its associated image hosting service i.ruqqus.com, and any ruqqus.com test or development servers which may exist now or in the future (collectively "ruqqus.com").

Content on this page displayed in blockquotes is not officially part of the terms of service.

Conduct and content

You agree to follow the Content Policy here.


You warrant that you are at least 13 years old. You warrant that you are at least 18 years old, if you indicate as such in your user settings.

You will not hold Ruqqus liable for damages arising from: the use of ruqqus.com, the failure of ruqqus.com, administrative actions by Ruqqus staff, or the unauthorized access of a third party to your ruqqus.com account.

You will not hold Ruqqus liable for damages arising from a loss or breach of ruqqus.com data.

You accept full liability for all content you upload to, or embed within, ruqqus.com, and indemnify Ruqqus from all such liability.

You are responsible for everything you do with your ruqqus.com account. Don't use ruqqus.com to store important data, and don't let anyone else into your ruqqus.com account.

Account access

You will not permit third parties access to your ruqqus.com account.

In the event that your ruqqus.com account is accessed by a third party anyways, you remain accountable for all actions taken by your account.

Intellectual Property

You grant Ruqqus a permanent, worldwide, and irrevocable license to store, modify, copy, distribute, and distribute modifications of, all content that you submit to Ruqqus. Additionally, you grant Ruqqus a permanent, worldwide, and irrevocable license to sublicense these rights to Ruqqus's service providers. Additionally, you warrant that you are authorized to grant Ruqqus these rights.

You retain all other intellectual property rights, including ownership.

We need to be able to store, copy, and distribute your content, because that's just how websites like ruqqus.com work. We also need to be able to modify it for security and formatting purposes.

Your Privacy

Ruqqus will never intentionally share your personal information with third parties, except:

  • As required by United States law
  • We will share your data with our own service providers which are necessary for ruqqus.com operations. The exact service providers are subject to change without notice, but will always be available here.
  • At our discretion, Ruqqus may share your information with United States law enforcement in the event of an emergency, if we have good cause to believe that doing so would avert or mitigate the emergency.

Ruqqus will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that user information is kept confidential.

Legal Forms

Ruqqus grants you the ability to use your ruqqus.com account to send us certain types of legal forms through our help portal. These include, but are not limited to:

  • DMCA takedown request
  • DMCA takedown counter-request
  • Subpoenas and court orders

You agree to refrain from making abusive or frivolous submissions to these forms. Additionally, you acknowledge that these forms are provided for the sake of convenience and speed, and that Ruqqus does not waive any of its rights regarding legal process, including the right to object for lack of proper service.

Ruqqus considers abusive and frivolous submissions to be submissions with a clear lack of legal justification. Examples include: nonsensical data, duplicate submissions, DMCA takedown requests for content that isn't your intellectual property, or legal demands from someone lacking the authority to make such a demand.


Ruqqus retains sole discretion in all determinations regarding content policy and terms of service violations.

Ruqqus reserves the right to remove content that we deem to violate content policy or the terms of service, and to deactivate accounts responsible for such violations.


If one clause of these Terms or the Content Policy is determined by a court to be unenforceable, the remainder of the Terms and Content Policy shall remain in force.

No Implied Waiver

A failure by Ruqqus in one or more instances to insist upon your strict adherence to these terms or the Content Policy, shall not be construed as a waiver of any continuing or subsequent violations of these terms or the Content Policy.


These Terms, together with the Content Policy, contain all the terms and conditions agreed upon by You and Ruqqus regarding your use of the ruqqus.com service. No other agreement, oral or otherwise, will be deemed to exist or to bind either of the parties to this Agreement.


Ruqqus may periodically update these terms of service and/or the Content Policy. When this happens, Ruqqus will make reasonable efforts to notify you of such changes.

Whenever Ruqqus updates these terms of service or the Content Policy, your continued use of the ruqqus.com platform constitutes your agreement to the updated terms of service.