Pre-beta feedback megathread

This is the big place for feedback on Ruqqus design and functionality.

Last things to do prior to beta launch:

  • Edit/delete your posts/comments
  • Search functionality (right now the search box at the top is 100% cosmetic)

Other things that are on our radar (so far 100% hypothetical):

  • Development of topic-specific boards, for example left politics, right politics, religion, games, software, diy, finance, foreign, etc. Off-topic content would be moved to the appropriate board (without breaking any preexisting links) rather than removed.
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Great work guys! Keep it up!

Swell , Hello and ruqqus



Update: Search is now functional.

So far it looks nice. It seems to work. Thanks for this page!

Thanks for the feedback! We look forward to the beta release and updating Ruqqus with new features :)

Love it! This kind of website has been desperately needed for quite some time now.

I really like it so far, and if i was you guys, I'd model it after reddit function.

I don't like social media, but the way reddit is set up is very enjoyable, and I think the forms of media we share with each other there is really cool.

You know, like sharing pictures, videos, articles, links, and all that, in an attractive looking shell, that is nice to navigate.

Thanks for the kind words!

We are looking forward to pushing out big updates and new features as we approach the beta release.

Would you guys consider linking up with other free speech platforms? I'd love if you guys cross linked with the new T_D site and saidit. The more we promote free speech sites, the better chance we have of growing together. I messaged the T_D mods asking the same thing but no reply yet.

We're all on the same team, so lets coordinate!

Honestly, if the T_D mods were to get on board with being supportive of each other's platforms, we might be able to work something out. However, they do not want to "split" the community. They are well aware of Ruqqus.

My opinion on their site is meh. Yeah, it serves the purpose of replacing /r/the_donald, but for sharing news, red pills, etc with a wider audience (beyond right-wingers), it will struggle in that. Naming a site literally "" without a .com AND hiding content behind a login page is bad for growth. We all know what Google will do.

If they brought on different boards and tried building on Reddit's idea, that'd be a different story.

I think they don't want to be a new reddit. They just want to have a board for supporters that isn't censored.

I wouldn't want to split the community, but I'd love to see cross polination. I don't ONLY go on reddit, I go on multiple sites, and I cross polinate. If we all cooperated, we could make reddit pointless.

Is this place invite only?

Nope! Currently open alpha.

Cool, thought you were still Invite. You should be aware it cuts errors while doing so. It gave me three errors last being a 404. When I navigated to the main page I was logged in. It worked but was kinda borked in doing so.

Did you get the error after signing up? If so, we're investigating that issue. It's a snag with our redirect feature which is supposed to redirect you to the previous thread you were viewing before logging in or joining.

Entered needed info, got error. Tried again, again an error w different msg. 3rd try I got a 404. Hit the ruqqus logo/link and waa taken to my profile. The same behavior was described by another goat.

Im sure you have a thousand bugs ro track down but as a new site registration should be near the top. Dont want to drive off new users w errors.

Howdy ruqqus

Hello and welcome :D



I am 100 percent in for gaming I want in on that section.


Interesting site. Thanks for hosting.

FYI email addresses are case sensitive.

You can fix your email address (as registered) at (You will need to verify it as part of the changing process).

ruqqus rocks

Anyway, of course it goes without saying, I think we also need to add a rule for buying/selling/trading of illicit goods.

Pretty stoked for dark theme too

I think that would fall under "no using Ruqqus for incitement, planning or execution of illegal activity" but it might be worth explicitly stating.

probably right, but can't hurt.

Yeah I might want to prevent empty comments.


Would you guys be interested in some client side script to allow users to block other users from the client side via html5 localstorage etc? I want everyone to have free speech, but that doesn't mean I want to be forced to see content that is blatantly dogshit from users that constantly post it. Just a simple block feature that lets you locally block users that are spamming or posting ridiculous bullshit, client-side.

Aka, don't take away their free speech, don't maintain a server-side block list, but let me filter content away from users that are just frothing at the mouth.

Per-user filtering lists shouldn't be hard to implement, however the front page ranking math is a finicky beast with lots of caching optimizations that would be significantly impaired by such filter lists. I can add it to the whiteboard wishlist of post-beta features. No guarantees at this time though.

No, the filter list would be client side. It never touches your server. I click block, the entry is made in my LOCAL BROWSER DB, and I don't see content from that user anymore.

The server wouldn't be involved at all. I could do it entirely in greasemonkey/tampermonkey with a userscript, but it'd be cool to have as a normal site feature.

Ah, I see.

The one upside to server management would be the ability to serve (and see) 25 submission objects per page regardless of block.

The issue with server side is it would require you guys to maintain that block-state, which would hit you on the DB lookups. If I have 1000 blocks, that's 1000 db lookups on your end. If it's on my end, then I don't stress your dbs at all. Keeping load off the DB is a big deal when this site starts growing. Voat was doing great till their userbase grew, then their DBs started shitting the bed constantly.

Ideally your site will have 3 tables. 1 for votes, 1 for users, and 1 for posts. Having another table for what will amount to millions of user blocks will cost you IRL $$$$$.

Fair point

3 tables

Already at 11.

Hopefully those tables are infrequently joined. I maintain huge ass dbs myself, and my rules currently are -- no joins unless absolutely necessary.

The lookup speed from a single table is 1 to 1, aka a it's normal hash/tree lookup depending on your indexing. When you start joining all sorts of tables, well that lookup time starts getting exponential speed reductions on lookups.

If I were you guys I'd keep everything as simple as possible, because if there's one thing that stops growth in its tracks, it's the DB crapping out when growth shows up.

Score/ranking computation (and by extension, user rep) involves joins, but we cache the result in redis (nice name btw) for a little while so that any given particular operation isn't done too frequently.

Same for the front page; the submission ordering is cached for a minute or so, so that we're not constantly recomputing the same sort order again and again.

Who is your hosting provider? Are they committed to free speech?

Right now we run on Heroku, which uses the AWS system. Heroku is solid and reliable, albeit a bit pricy, and has never done anything politically questionable.

Is Heroku, dare I say it, /our host/?

Driving up traffic will require some attractive subs (not sure what you're intending to call them here), whose content is popular and have mods and an initial active user base that is dedicated to just pushing out content regularly, even if there aren't a ton of active users. Once there are organic search engine results, you'll start seeing exponential traffic growth.

We do have subs in mind. Perhaps boards, channels, or something along those lines. Which boards would you create if you were able to?

Actually, differentiation would be key - you don't want to just be a reddit clone, look at Voat. They get traffic, but it will never be the same, because most reddit subs already have the majority of content so they'll still get most of the traffic. Plus, they only capitalized on a single exodus, meaning they limited their demographic by saturating their userbase at one point, while alienating others. It's best not to leverage political strife into your new user base, is the lesson learned there I think.

Boards or channels, on the other hand - some way to use the aggregation model for the front page that leads into some different presentation but based on the concept of a sub category could be cool.

That said, the big draws - news, politics, pics, etc. Probably need some staples for a wide net - but you want to make sure they're not immediately biased, but also have a steady stream of content. You'll want them in the hands of mods that are fair, active, and motivated.

I like the idea of "channels", I'm not sure the best way to present it though. Think Discord & Twitch - but with reddit's organizational model.

Reddit just rolled out with their public broadcast channel. Also something to consider and pivot with, possibly.

Kinda just spitballing here.

Solid points. At this point early on, no idea is too crazy as we want to build on Reddit's core features. And yeah totally the "default subs" would be beneficial for early exposure, growth, etc like you said.

Looks OK so far, thanks to whoever put this together. I also checked out the Discord site, but that's not really the same. It just looks like a chat room to me.

We use Discord for talking about the platform itself and its development.

Can I make one request? Find a way to prevent leftists from ever taking over a sub with a shove mods.

Topic specific boards would have the same rules, with the additional caveat that off-topic content would not be removed, but rather reassigned to the appropriate board.

I am excited about this! I've been waiting to cleanse my body of myself for quite sometimes. REMEMBER, Ruqqus, with great power comes great responsibility.

Sites working great so far for me. Good to have a reddit alternative. Is there any plan for subreddit like functionality?

There are some still-hypothetical plans to divide into a set number of boards, ex. left politics, right politics, games, diy, coding, stem, art, writing, etc. Offtopic content would merely be moved to the appropriate board, rather than removed entirely. @arkitekt has started some work on this.

That would be excellent. I actually hate the infinity board style of reddit. Having like 10-20 main boards will focus people to interact, and remove the "off-topic" bullshit excuses esoteric boards use to stifle conversation.

Is there any plan for subreddit like functionality?



Also, join us on Discord!

I can't make a new comment on this or any other thread! I can reply, but not make new

@kek just pushed a fix for Firefox. Do a hard refresh (ctrl/cmd+shift+R) and let us know if it's fixed.

yep, well done!

Does it work now?

Looking into it


Links should work:

Testing a comment with "><script>alert("123");</script>

Welcome to the party niggerfaggots

Yup. That was a comment.

I like how it looks, I think what makes The Donald special is the banners, flair, and Deport buttons. See if you can implement some flair or deport buttons.

Who gives a shit about that. We need content not decorations.

banners, flair, and Deport buttons

We have dynamic cosmetics in mind and are looking into ways of implementing such things across Ruqqus.

Hi just some theoretical questions for you all. I notice all the posters so far seem to be polite and well-mannered, which is fine with me. Are there any ground-rules for free speech that isn't welcome here? Is it OK to complain about Blacks, Whites, Jews, Women, Transgendered, Gays, Straights, Christians, Muslims, etc? Can we use slurs and swear words? Are there certain areas of the board where it's more "anything goes" and certain areas where it's not OK to use (slurs, profanity, etc?) Does each board have its own rules? What's the vision for this place other than being OK to say Eric Ciaramella and carry on when Reddit bans T_D? Thanks! Good luck with the new site! Glad to see you all here!

Is it OK to complain about Blacks, Whites, Jews, Women, Transgendered, Gays, Straights, Christians, Muslims, etc? Can we use slurs and swear words?

Knock yourself out. Just don't threaten anyone, release personal info, or post anything involving minors. I think this comment answers your question as well

What's the vision for this place other than being OK to say Eric Ciaramella and carry on when Reddit bans T_D?

To offer what Reddit used to and then some. Our mission is pro-free-speech and that includes anything well beyond T_D.


Another bug: comments do not appear on Safari iOS. 13.2.3.


Another bug: pasting in iOS does not work! Found that while trying to paste the link to the screenshot.

Here you go:

Interesting and thanks for sharing. Does the comment form and button show up when you try and comment?

(Testing on Safari on ios 13.2.3)

When I load a post no comments appear. When I tap the comment input text box, the cursor appears, the keyboard displays, and the "Comment" button appears. When I enter text then click "Comment", the page submits the comment. On refresh the page appears same as a first load (see screenshot in prior comment). When checking my comments in another browser, I confirm the comment entered in the above step does post to the site.

Just upgraded to iOS 13.2.3. Comments show fine. Pasting is broken as you mentioned.

I'm on an iPhone 8, though.


iPhone X for me.

Strange, they should use the same browser code. You're using Safari, correct? That is where the bug is. Other browsers work fine.

iPhone 8, Safari iOS 13.2.3. Maybe your browser is caching an earlier version of the page? Have you tried restarting your phone?