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T_D is under attack by admins applying special rules to it again. I don't think the ban is far away.

It might not be long until Ruqqus has to take over as the new T_D. Hopefully everyone will know to come here by then!

Are we allowed to tell people in T_D about this place?

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Jump in the discussion.

Become part of the community, no email address required. Make a Ruqqus.

Can’t wait to rape and pillage on reddit. I say shut down t-d ASAP. Let the carnage begin.

I'm already making a ruckus on r/politics

YES! It'll be just like that time Ohsnappy cut us loose all over reddit!

Excuse me you can't wait too what? I have my eye on you disgusting patriots.


We won't rape cucks that like it. Sorry you'll have to ask your wife's boyfriend to fuck you.

Came here from T_D. Just signed up!

No communist overlords!


Getting close to elections and the dirty rats will not stop at anything to silence the many

Shame really....

Aaron Swartz rolling in his grave

yeah.... not being able to say Eric Ciaramella is blatant censorship.

Same strategy as the DS Dems. Accuse opponent of something, anything, facts be damned.

With the "something, anything" usually being what they themselves are guilty of.

Hillary cut a uranium deal with Russia? Accuse Trump of Russian collusion.

Biden inappropriately involved with Ukraine? Accuse Trump of Ukrainian corruption.

Alinsky’s Rules...

Mods shared in a sticky post. I can't get a beta code though -__-

I signed right in without a code.

They opened it up today.

We (core dev team) are not allowed to "self-promote" alternatives on T_D. Not sure if they'd ban you guys for talking about it lightly in the comments ("hey I use a site called Ruqqus blah blah blah") when the topic of Reddit alternatives, censorship, etc comes up. We have some ideas in mind to get more pedes here but any word of mouth from early adopters is a big help and greatly appreciated!

When is the next quarantine appeal?

I think it's in... March? But not positive.

BTW I'm 2scoopz on the Discord.

T_D will be gone by then :(

It's really sad to watch TD go down in flames