T_D is under attack by admins applying special rules to it again. I don't think the ban is far away.

It might not be long until Ruqqus has to take over as the new T_D. Hopefully everyone will know to come here by then!

Are we allowed to tell people in T_D about this place?

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Jump in the discussion.

Become part of the community, no email address required. Make a Ruqqus.

Can’t wait to rape and pillage on reddit. I say shut down t-d ASAP. Let the carnage begin.

YES! It'll be just like that time Ohsnappy cut us loose all over reddit!

Excuse me you can't wait too what? I have my eye on you disgusting patriots.


We won't rape cucks that like it. Sorry you'll have to ask your wife's boyfriend to fuck you.

I'm already making a ruckus on r/politics