Feedback Megathread #2

Since the last feedback megathread, we've done the following:

  • Add edit and delete functionality to comments (still pending on posts)
  • Add functionality to the search bar
  • Big UI updates for both desktop and mobile
  • Dark mode (refer a friend to unlock)
  • Improved and streamlined the signup process

On the whiteboard:

  • Topic specific boards. Still in the planning stage.
  • Administrative transparency. Banned userpages are already configured to display the ban reason (not that we've really had to ban anyone yet). We are considering doing something similar for posts/comments.
  • The ability to follow other users and see a feed of only their content.
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Jump in the discussion.

Become part of the community, no email address required. Make a Ruqqus.

Can we change our profile pics? Mine is just a letter with a very bright green...

I second this. I want to set mine to a funny gif lol

Good features ... how about the ability to tag/hash posts by topic, eg 1A, 2A, etc

Also on the whiteboard. Tags are a bit on the "ethereal" side so I have a lot of research and experimenting to do for the backend implementation.

Maybe start by making every post have an array of strings (topics). UI parses out that array as separate clickable links. Clicking on a link shows a page with the X most recent posts that has an array containing an element matching that string.

Just something quick to get started with

Tags like that are on the whiteboard. (Our current focus is topic boards, akin to subreddits.)

Boards would finally allow me to leave the utter shit hole that is Reeeeeddit.

working on it

Thanks devs!

ETA? I don't mean to rush you but reddit could take down T_D any day now. Also doesn't have any sub-forums sadly.

not entirely sure but progress on boards has been made. We are going over some different things in regards to board creation, moderation and other potential features for them.

The ability to follow other users and see a feed of only their content.

NOICE!! This would be nice if Ruqqus gained some prominent Twitter users who already have big followings.

Like Styxhexenhammer666

I'll throw some stories on the backlog if anyone wants them. I ask that because my son is in the Raman Noodle stage of his startup software company and I have tried helping him. Anyone with older kids knows is that the last thing they want to accept is help, even though I'm a Sr. Analyst and Designer, so I stopped offering.

I haven't left work yet, but later I'll explore a bit and do what I can to help the community grow. I like people just starting out, especially when they are up against such egregious monsters as competitors! This could be fun.

Nice! Paul Graham calls it "Ramen Noodle profitable" when startup founders can pay for basic living.

We also have a Discord for more behind the scenes discussion.

Code is all at so feel free to open issues as you see fit.

I'll also run vulnerability checks as well. Hardening against the HillDog Squad.


yea hashtags would be another great feature

subreddit-like forums please

@captainmeta4 Just forked your repo. Going over everything now.

Cool beans. Discord link is in the site footer if you want to talk development.

Excellent! Will join it shortly! Have to... take care of some business... ::Drink's a cup of Liberal Tears::