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Ruqqus is now in beta

Ruqqus Beta is finally here!

This update marks the launch of Ruqqus to beta stage. Today's update brings a host of features. Of particular note:

  • Ruqqus now supports topic-specific communities called Guilds. These guilds are designed in a way that allows community moderators (guildmasters) to keep them on topic, without quashing freedom of speech.
  • Users (and guilds) can now set profile and banner pictures
  • You can join guilds and subscribe to (other) users. Content from these guilds and users will appear in your own customized home page.
  • NSFW settings allow adult content to be hosted on Ruqqus
  • Two-factor authentication is now an option. Enable it in your security settings.
  • Titles let you show off an achievement site-wide. You can set them in your profile settings.
  • You can embed images from certain (known safe) hosts into your comments.

To create a Guild, you will need to have at least 100 50 combined post and comment Reputation. There is also a limit of two guilds created per user per day.

Alongside this, is the All page. If you want a completely unfiltered view of all Ruqqus activity, just visit All.

We're looking forward to seeing what communities you launch on Ruqqus. In the mean time, here are a few we've created to get you started:

  • +general - all purpose. This is the guild where content lands when kicked from other guilds. Content can also be taken from +general to other guilds.
  • +right - Right wing politics
  • +left - Left wing politics
  • +Technology - For all things techy
  • +memes - For spicy memes
  • +News - For.... news (shocking, I know)

The Alpha user badge is now permanently unavailable to new accounts. Instead, new users will receive the Beta user badge.

Happy browsing!

Edit: Should have mentioned this sooner. We have an automated method for taking over a guild with inactive moderators - visit for more information.

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Jump in the discussion.

Become part of the community, no email address required. Make a Ruqqus.

Really hoping this takes off. Definitely tired of the censorous echo chambers on Reddit.

You can help out by sharing Ruqqus with a friend - if they sign up, you'll unlock dark mode.

Do you foresee taking on investors some day? I wouldn’t mind paying to see this site grow as a real alternative to reddit.

We have a donation option for now. View the right sidebar or on mobile and scroll all the way down.

What we don't want are investors pressuring us to go in a direction that would contradict the reason we started Ruqqus or that our users wouldn't want. Our mission is free speech for all.

This is great. Most impressive reddit alternative I've seen so far

Are you /u/Xenophon1 ?

Thank you!

Nice Website, I like the fact that I could choose this username.

damn that's better than mine

I raise you my username

I am clearly the superior Nigger here you NiggerFaggot.

You are clearly delusional Nigger. I am the clear superior Nigger here.

If you are not a 13 year old boy you would be better off questioning your maturity.

True but I still like it sorry not sorry.

Thanks for the input reddit


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Just joined today! Hoping it takes off. Really tired of Reddit. Hopefully you will also take suggestions more than Reddit does. Right?

We're always open to suggestions. That said, we do have day jobs that take the bulk of our time.

Absolutely man! We'll probably start a new sticky thread for bugs and feedback once this one dies down a little.

We have a discord for Ruqqus discussion at (invite link)

I'm honored to be apart of this growing community, I will continue to make ruqqus great again. Keep it up!

this is amazing

Thanks! Looking forward to getting more features out to you guys as we grow and refine the platform. We have a discord at if you're interested in meta discussion and development chat.

Let's make this platform 10x better than reddit!

That is the goal!

In all seriousness, shitposting and general faggotry will likely be higher, but mod abuse and censorship will be near zero.

I’m holocaust denialing up the yingyang

This is a super cool app, how do the badges work?

Some are earned through using Ruqqus and some are automatically applied such as the beta badge.

Titles are my personal favorite since these are always visible next to your username.

Feature suggestion: In addition to letting guildmasters kick a post from a guild, also consider reducing the potential of 2 steps into one (move a post to a guild -- that the user is guildmaster of both guilds)

I'm excited for this.

The internet has needed a free speech hub for a while now. And not one that is a wild west like 4chan either.

Personally I think the design of this place is brilliant. The users and communities can choose for themselves what they want to see in their own feeds, but nobody is ever silenced.

Here's to getting this crazy experiment to work!

Blast. I want to try making a writing guild to try to create a place that has a better direction than the newbie-infested writing sub on Reddit. Don't think I'm gonna make it to 50 posts.

What do you want to call your guild? I am almost at 50 and could create it and I could invite you as a mod. Then if I get sick of it I can leave and if you get sick of it then you can leave then the site somehow has a way of giving ownership of the guild to someone who cares. I would join your guild if you had already built it.

50 reputation (upvotes) not items.

Maybe read through some threads in All and comment. I tend to like most comments I see, and the karma goes around in circles. You could get to 50 comments easily and get a good percentage of upvotes. Or post on-topic in an existing guild - you could even create your own articles. +left and +right seem to be popular, and I don't see the two groups attacking each other. Who knows, maybe when free speech is enforced is when people have to learn to be civil again. Maybe there also needs to be +middle?

+centrist would be cool.

Kek, yes that is good. I may want to post there one day if I turn to the left ideologically.

Also suggestion: allow for uploading profile pictures and banners in SVG format. SVG 2.x is quite promising and provides much smaller file size for vector based designs, and also much better scaleability at different resolutions/sizes than PNG/JPG/GIF, and also SVG supports much better/smoother animations than GIF

+1 for SVG.

Interesting. I'll look into this. Not gonna lie, the only SVG we're using is our logo at the footer of the about page.

Also, here's a couple links that might be useful:

caniuse is awesome!

Hey so question, where is the codebase I can contribute to?

Link is in the side footer if you lose it. ----->


From their about page


The guild management screen is broken for +Fitness. When I access it on PC it just says "moderation" on the blue line and "This queue is empty. (That's a good thing.)" in the middle of the screen. Seemed to occur some time after I added icon and banner etc. This was a guild I added two GMs to - maybe that is part of the bug.

@kek template error ^

Thank you for the quick turnaround mate. Fellas wanted their colours changed bad ....

Can you please invite me to be a guild master so I can see the issue?

kek, I have added you. However, the issue resolved itself about 5 minutes after I made the post above - I figured that you had waved your magic wand.

The system was groaning under the load at the time, and I saw a 503 error once. Perhaps my page never fully loaded?

Ahhh, it was the same response as though I clicked on the gm crown button in a guild I am not a GM of. The lookup to see if I am a gm of +fitness must have failed.

iirc clicking the crown anywhere where you're not a guild takes you to your overall mod queue. These are a WIP.

Hype! I just signed up to this website. Looking to create some cool communities and make this place great!

what guilds? I'm looking to mod a few

I've just made my first one. +Oldarchy

Not sure yet, just working to get my rep and post count up first. Probably some sports ones

Hi- I already have downvote bots following me. Not even kidding.

What protective measures will you employ to prevent this attack on free speech? Thanks

Have you considered that maybe it's humans downvoting your rants?

@captainmeta4 built most of the backend for voting. We have algorithms in place to prevent voting abuse.

I think Ruqqus's secret plan to conquer the world is by forcing default light mode for everyone, and making them do work to earn dark mode. If Discord platform did this, I probably wouldn't be able to handle creating a Discord community.

On Android chrome I cannot find where I can get a list of guilds and then click into them. Works on PC ok. I can find most of them though by scrolling through All.

Also, are guild names case-sensitive?

Guild names are not case sensitive. In fact, if you type one in a post/comment, we will auto-correct the capitalization on save. Same for usernames too.

List of guilds is at We still have to add a link to that in the mobile UI.

When posting or entering the guild name in comments, it's not case sensitive (it'll auto-correct itself on submission). You can change the capitalization of a guild's name in the guild settings if you're a GM.


Ha ha?

Thank you for making this!

Still lots of work to do and improvements to push into production :)

What tech stack does this run on? And why is dark mode locked behind inviting someone? It's a bit annoying.

We built dark mode in the alpha days and wanted to test out referrals, but I'm talking with the rest of the team in regards to removing the referral requirement. Dark mode still needs a lot of CSS work on my part.

Our stack is Cloudflare (for now), Heroku (before we go to straight to AWS), gunicorn, flask, sqlalchemy, and Postgres.

I like this more than VOAT and Saidit. However, it feels a little laggy atm. Also, could you add something like the old reddit interface?

Just joined after reading about reddit's new policy on upvoting content they don't agree with.

Please update the dark mode theme

The Yank post dialog is hard to read in one area

@kek ^

Suggestion: After 'Yanking' a post, return to/stay on the same page, rather than redirecting to the post that was yanked.

Uppercase the r in ruqqus to Ruqqus at top-left corner of website, since in many other cases the name is displayed as Ruqqus instead of ruqqus.

Ruqqus BETA

The small caps text is a placeholder logo for us right now.

Suggestion: For left side panel, allow some user configurable theming/layout ordering so that users can customize which sections appear in the panel, in which order, and also same as I previously suggested about letting users configure order of "My Guilds" as well as the "Guildmaster of" section

Suggestion for UI improvement: Make the theming/appearance of the dropdown menu to sort by for comments in a post, to appear with the same style of appearance as the dropdown menu used on the homepage, including the emoticon and text of the currently selected sort to appear

That's on my to-do list :)

As of now, I created 4 guilds, and I'm a guildmaster of 4, and the left side panel shows 3 of them. Is there a "View all" page for this section too?

I've gotta get scroll working properly in the left sidebar before upping that For loop count. It's at 3 right now.

Can you please fix markdown so that I can add a newline to continue text on the next line, rather than being forced to create a blank line?

I tried using both two spaces at the end and also <br/> and neither worked. :(

Also can you please add a preview before commenting so that the content can appear nicely without requiring to keep editing repeatedly, in case of malformed markdown syntax?

I forgot to add <br> to the whitelist of HTML tags that are allowed to make it through text sanitization. The fix for this is deploying now.

@captainmeta4 ^^^^^^^^^^^^

My edit button to edit posts just stopped working on win 10 chrome.

Looking into it. Which version of Chrome?

EDIT: Tested the edit button on Windows 10 in Chrome versions 80 through 50 (80, 79, 60, 50) in BrowserStack and it worked for me.

Edit of that article does not work on Android chrome either. Weird.

I can always recreate it if necessary, but it would be good to work out what broke.

Edit: just tried to edit a mgtow post and it failed on mobile too. When I click the thing to get the edit button it does not pop up the full 6 item or so list, just two items I think

I rebooted, and the restart took a while, so I thought it might be fixed, but no.

When I click edit in the post it says javascript:void(0) in the bottom left corner of the screen. Am trying to edit post

It was Version 80.0.3987.116 (Official Build) (64-bit), but just downloaded an update when I checked the version. Will restart my browser and lappy and see if it is fixed.

Fixed. It was an issue with the javascript as I've been making some changes for the new GIF keyboard and image expander features. I should check which branch I'm in next time >.<

Yes, can confirm that I can now edit post . I tried to add an embedded video with the "![]...." syntax into the same post and it did not work. It looks like something in the URL is getting in the way.

Anyone else getting mad rep fluctuations? I had 41 and hour ago now I have 23 kek idfk what's going on seems like every time I refresh the page it changes

@captainmeta4 is the lead back-end developer and told me it's "vote fuzzing" but it'll be tweaked soon. Essentially, it's + or - 1 vote from the current score. You'll see this on Reddit when you refresh the page, the vote count goes up or down 1-2 points.

strange, I was wondering what was going on, thought people just hated my shit lol

Bummer, I missed the alpha badge by 4 days. :)


tbh I like the titles more than the badges because they always show.

Link doesn't work: Announcements -> Say hello to Guilds! -> Learn more

The link for "Learn more" doesn't work, as seen in the dialog that appears when clicking on Announcements at top-right corner:

Say hello to Guilds!

We're excited to finally bring you early adopters topic-specific boards. Guilds are Ruqqus communities that users can create and run. [[Learn more.]] <-- clicking doesn't do anything

Did you click that link when on this post? It links to this post so maybe that's it.

Maybe, but it seems fixed now. If I remember correctly, nothing happened, but now even if I am on this post, the click works/reloads the page. Thanks!

Oh, it was @captainmeta4 that just pushed a fix :)

Oh, I'm suggesting here since I'm using this comment as part of the example:


When I check my inbox notifications, I want to click through to go to the full comments, but then to automatically scroll to the comment. Can you add a link to the latter in the user interface?

I've encountered several links that do not work across the site.

Oof. That's on me. Which links?

Great work @ruqqus team!!! amazing project!

Devs, I tried adding my email in settings and never received the email to confirm. I entered my password etc and it looked like it worked ok.

Edit: it went to my spam folder


Request: Please fix YouTube video embeds to respect the start times referenced in the URL as seen in

For example,

can be embedded with

Thanks! I just recently started to notice the Github repo. Would it be better to report there directly instead of here?

Github issues/PRs are the best place to organize feedback/suggestions and inprogress or proposed changes. At least, better than disjointed comment chains on here.

Feature request:

Please give the Wayback Machine crawler bots dark mode version of pages to archive!

Uh oh! I found a bug! You can see the comment at should be a clickable link

Suggested reference: (I don't know if this actually helps)

All of these should be clickable links ( as shown in these tests at )




Site looks nice, nice clean UI, I'm really happy for all the work you've done for us all.

Thanks, it means a lot. I can't wait to develop and get more features out to you guys!

How long have you been at it already?

Started from scratch in July along with @captainmeta4 and @arkitekt.

Feature request: Like integrated into Reddit now, allow clicking a play button to expand embedding the content of a post into the page, especially if pictures or videos, for quick viewing. This used to not exist in Reddit, but introduced by Reddit Enhancement Suite after some initial Greasemonkey scripts previously, long time ago.

Also see

Came from WRD, best of luck to this site!

You might like +WatchRedditDie then =P


really impresive, i bet this site whit a lot of pacience and work is going to end up being a couple billions worthy

Our primary goal is to be a place to be free of the ever-encroaching totalitarians of "big tech".

If it makes money, that's just a nice cherry on top.

I felt a deep happiness in my soul, as if millions of tyrants suddenly cried out in terror as they faded into irrelevancy. -Obi Wan Keknobi

oh, is less money for them, and you deserve it. im exited about this. im a poor ass soul of south america, and i know that this site is your baby yet i cant help to get exited about its grow. it would be much unprofessional if i say here that i want to invest in this site development?

That means a lot to us. tbh we recently added the donate option but didn't think our earliest adopters would be eager to financially support the development.

We've received numerous requests to help fund the platform, either through crypto or other forms of online payment i.e. PayPal.

We're still talking about the best way to approach this. There's some development in the backend that needs to be done to "properly" and programmatically handle donations from users.

Right now, we accept donations via PayPal at

Any feature request threads?

There's the beta announcement sticky. You can also post in +Ruqqus or give feedback in Discord

Kek, I don't know where it is in the list, but I still cannot create a post from Android chrome. Upvotes on posts are still a problem also. Upvotes on comments no problem. Otherwise Android is very capable.

On PC it is all very sweet.

Voting on mobile is high up on the list. @captainmeta4 I'll look into the use of either <button> for the voting on mobile, but we need to use the Reddit approach imo. Change the vote state immediately on touch, but show a toast if the vote fails.

Which device and browser version? I can test this in BrowserStack and work on a fix.

Kek, sounds good. Here are my details:


On PC, I added an additional guildmaster by mistake. In the "pending guildmasters" section, the ... options is broken and does not allow me to delete my mistake.

@kek ^

Aware of this. Adding it to my do for guild master settings and tables.

Aware of this. If they join, you'll be a higher up GM and can remove the.

Could u make a discord server for the OG users?

Are you on mobile? We have a link on desktop in the sidebar,

oh thanks! Cool!

This is just a test, ignore unless indicated otherwise.

This is a test replying to my own comment

Hi, I tried to create a post in +OneNation with a silly long fakebook video url link and it failed with 500 internal server error. Can these be added?


Thanks, let me know later and I will test again.

I also have an issue with Android chrome keyboard. When typing in a long comment the keyboard obscures at times what I am typing. The comment text seems to want to display higher than where I am typing, so then I am typing blind. An annoyance.

Why are the links to Parent, Edit and Delete hidden behind ...? Wouldn't it be sufficient, if enough horizontal screen space to simply list all of them? I have plenty of screen space to spare!

Ruqqus now supports topic-specific communities called Guilds. These guilds are designed in a way that allows community moderators (guildmasters) to keep them on topic, without quashing freedom of speech.

Ruqqus was created to get away from the censorship of

A lot of that censorship was done by moderators of subreddits, and under the rationale of something they personally don't like being deigned as "off topic".

I think that new feature will just recreate Reddit, with everyone going into their own bubbles and with content getting deleted when it doesn't mesh with the localized hive mind.

Except that content doesn’t get deleted.

Feature Request:

A button when posting links to automagically grab the title from the site and populate it to the title field.

^^^^^^^^ please admins

Nuisance: When Yanking a post, having already yanked, if the last selected Guild is the same to yank to, the 'Yank Post' button is greyed out until selecting a different guild and then reselecting the previously selected guild. Adjust this so that if a guild is already pre-selected, to not disable the button.

Suggestion: Change the "contact" link from an email address to a separate contact page which lists the email address, provides a form to submit an email without requiring the user to load yet another email application to fill out instead (but giving the user the option to do so from the contact page using the mailto link in the contact page), and also linking to other ways to contact the Ruqqus team, including Twitter and Discord. This would make it unnecessary to mention link to Twitter and Discord separately, and also offer additional methods of contact, such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, VK, IRC (especially Freenode, but also see, Gab, Mastodon, LinkedIn, OnlyFans (hahaha, of course! the most important platform!), Ruqqus (one of the least important), TikTok (does anyone actually use this for contacting one another?), WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Signal, Skype, GroupMe, HipChat, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, Line, Slack, Tumblr, IMVU, Second Life, Habbo, Gaia Online, Xanga, Diaspora, Minds, MySpace, etcetera.

In addition to

Also I just realized, given that I live in Pittsburgh, PA (since 2012) and PGH is known for coining "jagoff" Ruqqus is probably going to popularize "yanker" for persons that competitively yank posts to be in their guild, even if the content may be better suited for a different guild. Or worse, a troll guild that yanks every single yankable post to be part of their guild before anyone else is able to yank.

For every comment there is a "Copy link" JavaScript that when clicked, copies the url to see the comment to the clipboard.

In some cases I want to quickly visit that page too (or instead).

Would it be strange to implement that after the first click to copy, the text changes to "View comment" (or similar) and then next click visits that URL like a regular link to the page would?

That way I can double click to visit the page showing the comment by itself, rather than clicking on the address bar, selecting all, pasting and pushing enter.

This would be especially useful from the Notifications page, where new notifications only show the comment, and not the parent comment, or the content of the original post. I almost always click through to see the context of what the comment is in response to.

I recommend taking a look at what RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) does and implementing a lot of those elements into the layout of this site. The first thing I'm noticing that I don't like about this is that when I comment, I'm immediately redirected. That's a bad idea.

Noted. Commenting without page refresh or redirect is on our radar.


On edit Guild Appearance page, for Banner image section:

Guild Banner: (Recommend 1060x250 pixels) 106:25 Maybe change this to 1050x250 for 21:5 dimension ratio

Also, the image appears as 425x135 which is 85:27
Maybe change the dimensions here to 420x100 for 21:5
Also why not use CSS object-fit: fill; ?


I notice that the guild banner image appears differently on different pages, which can make the design not appear nicely depending on the page. Maybe try to make this appear with the same ratio dimensions across all pages? 21:5 seems fairly approximate to the current recommendation

I'll have to figure out an optimal design to fit both dimension ratios, until Ruqqus adjusts the layout to be standard so that the same image appears nicely in all areas of the website.

Gonna refer to this when I have time to sit down and work. Thanks again!


When clicking on crown at top-right corner of header, sometimes it leads to a page that shows 500 internal server error. For example, clicking from the home page, or click from a guild that you are not a guildmaster of.

Bug: This page shows me as logged out

When uploading a guild logo, I see 400 bad request, but only because I was saving the image in GIMP still, when I attempted to upload, and probably the uploaded file was corrupted since the save process did not complete. In any case, the backend should be able to recognize the malformed image file

Try uploading it as a jpg or png.

Oh, perhaps you misunderstand. I didn't word it so well.

I selected File -> Save in GIMP and then immediately switched to upload the picture I just saved (or began the save file process in GIMP), and I uploaded the PNG file, but then the website showed 400 bad request, and I switched back to GIMP and I noticed that the file was still saving, even after I already uploaded the image to the website, which explained why the website showed an error, instead of handling the error.

Instead of showing a 400 bad request error page, maybe direct the user to an error page indicating the uploaded image file is invalid.

This shouldn't be a problem in most cases, but I was impatient to wait for the file to finish saving before uploading it, haha

Bug on the guild reports page for guild masters

The header menu doesn't appear showing:

Settings    Appearance    Guildmasters    Exiled Users    Reports

Fixed now

Profile picture suggestion:

Get rid of the 5px white border

.jumbotron-guild .guild-icon-square-lg {
    /*border: 5px solid #FFFFFF;*/

@kek ^

Oh also, suggestion: colorize code blocks:

Could see this being handy for a guild like +programming!

Will do

Also suggestion for guild siege: Make it a fun interactive process where community members can challenge each other or be voted by other community members as to who should be able to win over a sieged guild, rather than first come first serve. Maybe also implement a notice/announcement and slight delay so that siege attempts can be noticed by others and others can decide if they want to attempt to siege also, or to vote for or participate in helping with someone else's siege. Or any other idea expanding upon just simple first-come-first-serve insta-siege

I will give this type of thing some consideration. No promises.

Suggestion for user interface at when selecting guilds for first time Have the guild listing on the left side panel update without requiring a page refresh to show list of guilds

Also suggestion: allow for displaying shortcuts to more than 5 guilds, or also allowing customizing the order of which guilds appear for each user. Drag and drop ordering directly from the interface would be convenient.

@captainmeta4 Thoughts on doing this somehow with the backend? We could easily do this with some clever JS in the front-end though.

Awesome idea though! I'm always eager to dive deeper into really polished, small details like this.

@kek @captainmeta4 if that killed the site,

I'm an OLD coder (did assembly for 6502, 68000, 80286-486 chipsets).

I have a few security Q's that may help from REAL problem attacks,

but don't see a private note to admins...

Forgot to mention, we have a Discord for discussion, suggestions, development, etc. Join link is at Feel free to talk about security issues there :)

Unable to make board

Any ideas, our intrepid leaders @kek @captainmeta4 ? =)

@captainmeta4 designed the backend for that. Not sure what it would be tbh.

What guild would you like to make? I can make one, invite you to mod, and then dethrone myself as guild master.