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Hello everyone. Should there be a introduce yourself guild?

Better to just see it in general?

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Become part of the community, no email address required. Make a Ruqqus.

There could be but +general works fine! You'll be able to create your own guild when you reach 100 rep, a button will appear in the right sidebar :)

Co-founder here. Where did you discover Ruqqus?

Discovered it on reddit after being on the receiving end of several mod ego trips. I deleted my reddit accounts and came here looking for better experiences

Awesome, we're still very early stage and are always looking for early adopters to help grow the communities.

Any features, in particular, you'd like to see?

Not him but I’d like to see transparency and openness to features always. And awards being something you earn and don’t have to pay for.

For starters, I would love to start my own truck guild, but with such a small userbase at the moment it would be hard for me to acquire the necessary point threshold to do so.

Also do you have a mobile app? It's kinda rough in browser but I like this concept much more than reddit already

No mobile app yet. We're looking into ways of doing that though. What parts and experiences on mobile are rough in your opinion?

I would say navigation. It'd be nice to have a side tab where I could scroll through whatever guilds I sub to

Are we going to get PMs?

Later. We're looking into it.

Do whatever you want!