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Interesting platform

Like it so far, any places like coomer or consumeproduct like on reddit?

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Coomer and ConsumeProduct are the only good subs left on reddit.

EDIT: AHHHHH I spelled it wrong, damn it


It is good and interesting

Not yet, we're still very early in the growth phase. At 50 rep you should see a new button that lets you form your own guilds (or you can try sweet-talking a dev into starting one for you). In the mean time, please feel free to post whatever you care to in +general, all submissions are welcome.

I've been hearing the term coomer thrown out a lot, could anyone tell me what it is?

Coomer is a person who is fapping or watching porn or doing both.

It is very unhealthy and damages you.

That... is very descriptive, thank you.

consumeproduct is a funny sub. I can create a guild for that and add you as a guild master if you'd be interested in modding it.

How does one create a guild on this website? I don't see it anywhere.

The option to create a guild appears when you have earned 50 rep through commenting and making posts. Just comment on existing posts and you should earn it in no time :)