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China Underreporting Virus Cases By Over 100,000 White House Claims, As 15th American Fall Sick
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Good bot

bots OUT! No such thing as a good bot

China has been accused of lying about the numbers multiple times. Combine that with the posts from workers at the hospitals and they then end up Epstiened, China probably released this themselves to get the news off of Hong Kong.

Not at all surprising, pray for China.

Imagine having to live under the power of Xi.

looking at how fast this has spread in the cruise ship there is no way China is telling the truth about the matter. It's going to be really bad once it gets to India. They are going to be much worse about containment than china.

Wait, it's on a cruise ship now? FUUUUUUUUUUUU

Yeah, quarantined outside of Japan. Huge infection rate.