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Thank you ruqqus!

Thank you ruqqus for providing a free speech alternative to Reddit! Please please keep doing what you guys are doing, I think one day this site can be big please stick with it! :D

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Thanks for hopping on board so soon. Although we're still lacking in functionality and proper design, we've got plans to make Ruqqus better week by week.

Functionality? It seems pretty functional to me.

That means a lot to us. We have ambitious plans to make the platform more engaging and make guilds more fun. Sort of like how Discord servers feel with their own culture.

As for core functionality, we still need to add PMs. I'd like to also make the overall interface more seamless so a lot less page refreshes. For example, no refresh when commenting, replying, and the left sidebar auto-updates when you join guilds on /browse like @jasonkhanlar mentioned.

Can you make it transparent which mods do what when they perform moderation actions? That's a huge problem with Reddit right now. You have shut in degenerates running hundreds of subreddits and banning/removing anything that doesn't fit their biases. There is no accountability because it never shows who does what.

Mod logs have been discussed. We'll let everyone know the status of this feature in a sticky post.

Just don't sell out to a censorious corporation when ruqqus becomes a big success!


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I am starting to love this platform a lot, we just need a little more posts!

I can't wait to push the GIF keyboard into production. Seeing all the GIFs people post in comments is gonna be fun.