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If you want to make ruqqus more popular do this.

Honestly, this platform is fucking amazing!

It would have been even more amazing if we could get a lot more people in here.

I suggest you guys go on reddit and share the news about ruqqus between other kings in the comments.

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Jump in the discussion.

Become part of the community, no email address required. Make a Ruqqus.

I found out about Ruqqus on Reddit. I would 100% stop using Reddit if this took off.

Baby steps. Just a little activity from each of us users each day and this place would take off.

After the initial founders of Reddit sold their platform to Condé Nast Publications, whom disappeared one of their most valuable assets, Aaron Swartz, who previously was a 3rd co-founder, I suspect this unexplained firing may reflect why Reddit, as a platform, signalingly systemically behaves the way it does today.

Also feel free to see these:

Give it some time my friend :)

No empire was created in just a few days :)

And most importantly start posting to guilds :)

Share with Discord pals as well :)

Also, in, you have a referral link. If someone signs up, you get dark mode. More signups, and you get username titles.

Is making an alt with that allowed because that’s what I did

We'd rather you didn't. Not like we'll ban you for making an alt. I'm not that much of an asshole.

Oh sorry.

lol no worries

What is dark mode?

A darker color palette for the Ruqqus user interface.

I've tried. Some people were turned off by the fact that you have to unlock dark mode with referrals. It seemed OK to me because there's no ads or email requirement and you need a way to entice people to spread the word. Can't save everyone.

Do not do this you will be downvoted and banned on some subreddits

Which subs?

Anything admins are on you will be instabanned so subs like beta, mod support or other ones like that

Awesome, hopefully some of my friends get busy on here.