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Post your Guild ideas here!

Post your ideas for a guild in the comments and someone lovely who has 50+ rep will create it for you :)

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Become part of the community, no email address required. Make a Ruqqus.

Need a guild to discuss coronavirus.

+China lmao

+Overlanding and a +skydiving guild would fit my needs 馃馃徏

Oh and a +prequalmemes for sure


+askruqqus -askreddit but not

+gaming -gaming

+ohshit -for those oh shit moments

鈥淢ike Speaks鈥 - where I unload all my crazy ass conspiracies and go off on anyone who disagrees

+Conspiracy is a thing

I am working through a list, will slowly create these if no-one else does:

+ChoosingBeggars is a very popular and amusing sub on the other platform

+TheRedPill - for the lads still chasing women

+Happenings - for Corona virus stories etc

+Christianity (have an article to write for here)

+Islam (for inclusion)

+MentalHealth (we all suffer)

+FictionWriting (have to finish my book one day but then I got distracted)

+LGBTQIplus (for diversity and inclusion - has a rainbow icon)

+SJW (with an antifa flag icon, for diversity and inclusion)

+UbisoftGames (to replace my r/ghostrecon) or +GhostRecon

+KerbalSpaceProgram (replace my reddit sub)

+pol (in case they ever shut down 4chan)

At that point I will be able to delete my reddit accounts and the app and not have to go to some other places. Yippee! For some reason the above points all formatted onto one line - I had to add blank lines to make it look ok. Probably the + signs

Need a +MGTOW since Reddit quarantined the sub. I'd make it but these points take forever to get.

Would love to see a few regional guilds, specifically NYC and Seattle.

username checks out

I don't quite understand guilds - are they like subs or are they more like tags?

TBH I think that the PC GAMING sub over at that other dump is pretty bad, mostly only news about upcomming releases, hating on epic game store, posts that are actually about games pretty much get deleted especially if the game is on another platform like a console the mods will tell you to visit the game's specific sub but I play on PC so I don't want to go to another sub.

Closer to subreddits, it seems. The main difference is 1) none of that subscriber count fuckery that reddit does, and 2) the mods (guildmasters) can't remove content, only push it out to +general

They're like subs. But mods can't delete content from Ruqqus, only kick it +general.

It would make sense to delete some content - what about spam and blatant off-topic stuff? Or if someone raids a guild with gore or gay porn?

Off-topic posts are moved to +general if a guild master decides to kick.

so they can ban stuff? it's just called something else and done slightly differently?