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Is anyone aware of any simulations that play out specific frameworks rules/abilities and identify whether the outcome at a specific time may favor Anarchist, Capitalist, Democratic, Collectivist, Communalist, Communist, Communitarianist, Conservatist, Constitutionalist, Environmentalist, Extremist, Fanaticist, Fascist, Feminist, Fundamentalist, Globalist, Individualist, Industrialist, Intellectualist, Liberalist, Masculist, Militarist, Monarchist, Nationalist, Nihilist, Progressivist, Radicalist, Reformist, Republicanist, Socialist, Utilitarianist, or some other not yet realized ideaology?

In my opinion, based on my speculation on sustainability of security/insecurity and favorability of truths-are-truths truth, rather than integration of lies-are-truths truths, in the form of propaganda techniques/strategies/socila dynamics/manufacturings, especially that which manipulative personalities manage to character assassinate the integrity/dignity of others to undermine the value of their communications to be mob rule overthrown where persons are outcast not because of anything they did, but because of narratives manufactured by others given the opportunity to do so, finding any (and every!!!) possible exploit to ensure doing so, it might be worth considering the role of Guildmaster and how to correlate/matchmake what is a practical way to ensure that a specific Guild name isn't compromised by manipulative, malicious or nefarious wolf-in-sheeps-clothing type of personality that is unsuspecting to maybe manifest to, at some later point in time, simply mass kicking posts to no longer be a part of a topic, not because the post is off-topic, but because the guildmaster(s) might enjoy opportunity to engage in this type of behavior per their natural desire to behave in these ways, and especially in unsuspecting or plausibly deniable fashions.

For example, if I am a kind of person that is excited to mess with people in ways that aren't obvious, or if anyone catches on, to remove them from the equation, then if I create a guild with multiple guildmasters, including maybe from accounts that I might control, but as an alt account, and operated through a VPN with a different IP address than my own, then I could potentially escalate a situation all of a sudden one day, to mass kick a bunch of on-topic posts in a guild to no longer be part of that guild, and with a throw-away Ruqqus account that otherwise is easily replaceable with inifinite abilities to recreate additional accounts and to socially engineer manufacturing narratives to make those alternate accounts to

Oh also, another example, I see that I can change the NSFW flag on a guild after creating it. I recently created two guilds, +Art and +Nsfw_Art such that neither of those guilds would ever need to change to the other option for Nsfw setting. In any case, regardless, what is to stop someone from managing a guild for months, years, and then all of a sudden one day, switching the flag to enable Nsfw, and around same time, to snag a bunch of Nsfw posts to appear in the guild, and perhaps as a surprise to unsuspecting persons that may not expect to see that type of content, but put into a predicament situation that it was inevitable per the possibility for it to happen, even though it might not be desirable by most persons, but at the behest of the guildmasters ability to offer this type of experience.

Or, in the case that a guild is seiged, and by a different person that seiges guilds, any guild, and then uses those guilds to alter what content appears in the guild, especially to push agendas as if to appropriate which agenda-based contents are contained within which named guild. e.g. any topic, for or against, rather than including both or all contents. e.g. to what extent is the decider of what is and what is not on-topic/off-topic best decided by a single or group of guildmasters, whether the original guildmasters, or those that seiged a guild later?

These are good questions and thanks for your feedback!

If a user has the NSFW toggle off and is a SFW sub that is switched by a bad GM to NSFW, they won't see the content.

reading your comments like

Haha, that's beautiful!

Oh, also, I upvoted your comment, but it's at 0 now, because apparently someone downvoted it. How rude! This is war! Nevermind. It's at 2 now. This is world peace!

How to deal with potential likeliness of spamming/flooding on Ruqqus?

I was just reading something on Reddit and shows as:

```Comment removed by moderator````

Everyone has likely seen this many times!

Personally, I'd like to be able to click to see what the comment was, who it was by, etcetera, and decide for myself whether it is spam, whilst also appreciating quality of moderation, especially in the form of community moderating itself, but also with delegated elected moderators.

In any case, seeing the reply below

"You have been suspended for two weeks for spamming. If you continue doing this after your suspension is lifted, you will be banned permanently. Thank you."

there are situations that arise where maybe timeout, detention, standing in corner to think about what you've done, suspension, expulsion/banning/deplatforming might be possibly relevant (in latter case, for example, someone creating a ruqqus account for sole sake of spamming/flooding nonsense everywhere for as long as possible without stopping, maybe even automating it by running software application/script), but even then, reflecting back to the source Imgur animated GIF screencast shared by OP, in these situations, it might be helpful to either offer click to reveal content or otherwise/also include a link next to each instance for a page that explains report of what happened for anyone that would like to know who did what, why, etc.

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