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Preview of some features coming with the boards update
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Boards design and nsfw update
Topic boards are the #1 requested feature (see the last few feedback threads) and we are hard at work building them. (If you're *really*...
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Feedback Megathread #2
Since the last feedback megathread, we've done the following: * Add edit and delete functionality to comments (still pending on...
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Hitler learns about Ruqqus
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Yet more reasons why Ruqqus's free-speech-first stance is critical.
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Sneak preview
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CNBC doesn't mention Eric Ciaramella, in an article about Eric Ciaramella
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Sargon of Akkad - How to be a Social Justice Accomplice
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Pre-beta feedback megathread
This is the big place for feedback on Ruqqus design and functionality. Last things to do prior to beta launch: * Edit/delete your...
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CloudFlare cut service to magaimg.net today
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Username mentions are now a thing
You can @username mention someone in comments and posts, and Ruqqus will generate a link to their profile page. For comments, the...
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Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter will ban you for mentioning the name of the whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella. Not the case on Ruqqus!
Despite the fact that his name is all over the press
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Yes I made a backup first
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Washington Post really doesn't understand personal liberty
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Sargon of Akkad - Today in Stupid
4chan scores a direct hit on the NPCs
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Test post plz ignore
Holy shit. My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of chicken...
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This world is finite... its cash flow, finite.
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A Catholic school removed Harry Potter books from its library, warning that readers ‘risk conjuring evil spirits’
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Uganda Expands Its Internet Clampdown, Stifling the Last Space for Free Speech
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Trump Curse: 'I am Antifa' professor who posted desire to hit Trump with bat resigns from post
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Facebook blocked MemeWorld within hours of launch. Just one more reason we're buildings Ruqqus.
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Body Count
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